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December13th 2013 / Paris, France / Roc Chamaeleo

It is on a jolly Friday 13th that Queen B releases her blitz album Beyoncé, to fall upon her Bey Hive as a bolt from the blue. And speaking about “blue,” there is a cameo by her own daughter Blue Ivy in one of her 17 video teasers: “Blue,” being the name of that song, conveniently enough.

The 17 video teasers for 14 album songs, feature Chanel Iman, Joan Smalls, Drake, Jay-Z, Frank Ocean and many more.

Videos range from Terry Richardsons teen-targeted “XO” to a kitsch 70s “Grown Woman,” directed by Jake Nava, for those hipsterish 20-30-something year olds who hold 70s wistfulness as though they had lived like Generation X themselves.

Our favorite, however, is “Ghost” by Belgian master Pierre Debusschere, which seems to be the simplest, most striking of them all. Pierre is known for his campaigns for Raf Simons and Jil Sander, plus a plethora of iconic editorials for Dazed, Vogue Hommes Japan, and his home, 254forest. His graphic photography structures, which create dynamism from human deconstruction translated to “Ghost” in gusty clothes on minimal backdrops. Plus, Beyon looks fit as ****.

I see music,” says Beyonce. We see cash.

Here we leave you the full video repertoire of Beyoncés Beyoncé.