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June 15, 2013 / San Jose, Costa Rica / Marco Barquero Suarez

John Galliano is indisputably one of the last remaining big fashion talents of this era. After his very public brush with the French law, where he was not only fired from his post as Creative Director of the House of Dior, but fined for his anti-Semitic remarks, as well as having his Legion d'honor revoked by the French government, some people from the fashion crowd have tried to offer him an olive branch after his apology, giving him posts as an intern for Oscar De La Renta, as well as a tenure for a seminar on Parsons New School of Design (which was on recent news, called off).

He has laid low lately, to the point he decided not to attend the Met Gala, and skip any media presentations surrounding his stint at De La Renta.

The matter is: Is the world ready to forgive him?

It has been two years after his faux-pas as he had his drunken tirade on a Paris cafe, but the world seems quite firm on holding its grudge. I guess the gruel video of him slurring about how he would like to hit someone with an “ugly bag” has made a permanent mark on popular culture.

Are we going to permanently shut the doors to one of the greatest living designers for it?

Some heavy weights have tried to help him, but there is still resistance. Even the almighty Anna Wintour (who concerted his re-appearance with De La Renta) has not been able to find enough sympathizers.

I, as a human, fashion fiend and well, someone who finally learned to forgive (sometimes) can only hope, that fashion's mightiest avatar will rescue the Spaniard and whisk him away to some atelier.

Pretty Anna, please?

PS. Now even the almighty Condé Nast is behind him, and he just gave an interview to Charlie Rose. I guess the Gods have spoken. (Yay!)


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